June 2018 – Great Outdoors Month

If you love getting out and about and enjoying yourself, then June is the perfect month since it’s Great Outdoors Month! It’s a great opportunity to go outside, be active and start a healthy lifestyle. Getting out and about is often a free or cheap day out for families, and can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to learn about nature and the environment so please connect with other linkAges members for a hike or bike ride around the Bay Area.

Partner Spotlight: YWCA Silicon Valley

For over 100 years, YWCA Silicon Valley has been at the forefront of the most critical social movements – from civil rights, to affordable housing and pay equity, to violence prevention. YWCA Silicon Valley is one door to many solutions for those who have been impacted by violence. Last year we opened our doors over 20,000 times to provide critical services to our clients’ needs including shelter, housing, counseling, child care, and education and prevention programming.  If you would like to learn more about YWCA Silicon Valley, click here.

Insights on Isolation by Rochelle Perucca

When we lose something, we often go to the “Lost and Found.” But what
happens when we lose something that can’t be “found,” like our health, job, pet, youth, parent, relationship?

Decades ago I had a rock climbing fall and “lost” my mobility. Stuck in a
wheel chair, I was an extrovert in an introvert’s body. I deeply wanted things to return to how they were before. I had to learn different ways of coping, relating to others, and adopting new ideas and perspectives.

Are there strategies you have used to “find” what you have “lost?” How are you making the necessary adjustments to live with your losses? Change is needed. Today, make a list of new actions you can take to re-connect and fill some of the “lost” places. Life is all around; our job is to reach out and “find” it. I know you can.
 Rochelle Perucca, a Fulbright Scholar, psychotherapist, a college professor for the past 35 years, and a National Park Ranger (language interpreter), has been a linkAges Community member since 2015. She has seen the many benefits of being part of a larger community and we welcome her contributions and insights to the linkAges newsletter.

Technology Tip:

Ever wonder what the number is next to the bell on the dashboard?

That number indicates you have some notifications. Have a high number of notifications on the dashboard? If so, there is an easy way to clear your notifications without having to read all of them. To remove the notifications, click on the bell or the number next to it. A prompt will appear and members will only need to click on “Mark all as read” (circled in red) to clear the notifications.


May 2018 – Culture and Language Month

The month of May is filled with the sounds of birds, the smell of fresh flowers and warm breezes from time to time. The month marks the height of spring and the beginning of summer. This month’s theme is exploring culture and language. You can use linkAges to practice a new language, learn more about a country or region you are visiting during summer vacation, or learn a new family recipe. If you speak another language or would like to share your unique cultural skills with others, we hope you will post an offer this month!


Partner Spotlight: The Dragon Theatre of Redwood City

We want to extend a big thank you to Dragon Theatre of Redwood City for their long-time involvement as a linkAges partner. Their creative collaboration with linkAges allows our members to serve as hospitality volunteers,  while also supporting the unique and thoughtful plays performed at the theater. This month the Dragon Theatre is debuting their upcoming play, “Three Days of Rain” beginning May 25th. We encourage you to invite a linkAges member and connect over a night filled with drama and suspense!

Insights on Isolation by Rochelle Perucca

Are you in pain? I know that place. Pain really takes a toll on our entire being. It saps our energy, influences our mind and impacts our choices and decisions.

Its spring and I want to buy some seeds to plant. I hear my mind saying: “Is it worth the effort, stress, pain you will experience?” Ah-ha, I caught my self sabotaging thought right in the act. If I let it take over, it would add to my isolation and emotional pain.

What can we do?

  1. When we live in alignment with our values we feel better.

  2. Call a friend to go with us and enjoy the travel time together.

  3. Shift our thinking to something more supportive, i.e. “It will be nourishing to watch the seeds grow and blossom.”

  4. Ask a friend to pick up some seeds or starters for us.

Reach out and plant some seeds, literally or figuratively.

Happy planting,



 Rochelle Perucca, a Fulbright Scholar, psychotherapist, a college professor for the past 35 years, and a National Park Ranger (language interpreter), has been a linkAges Community member since 2015. She has seen the many benefits of being part of a larger community and we welcome her contributions and insights to the linkAges newsletter.


Technology Tip:

As a reminder for members, we have updated our member guidelines and safety tips for members here.   When exchanging with an unfamiliar Community member, exercise the same caution you would when interacting with a new neighbor for the first time. The guidelines help you have a positive and rewarding experience in linkAges Community! You can find additional information in the Resource Library.

March 2018 – National Nutrition Month

Happy March! March is National Nutrition Month, so let linkAges help you maintain good eating habits and physical activity. We all know that eating at home not only can help save money but can help us eat healthier too. Try experimenting with healthier ingredients, such as chicken breast, fish, and your favorite vegetables. If you need suggestions for recipes, please post a listing on linkAges since our members have many healthy recipes to share. To kickstart physical activity habits, find an activity such as hiking on linkAges Community that you might enjoy. We look forward to supporting members in participating in National Nutrition Month!nutrition.png


Partner Spotlight: The Mountain View Senior Center

mountain view.jpg

linkAges has collaborated with The Mountain View Senior Center to host many events and we are so grateful for their partnership. The Mountain View Senior Center is an all-purpose facility that offers programs and services for adults 55 years of age and over. They offer many types of classes, social events, community garden, and a nutrition program.


Insights on Isolation by Rochelle Perucca

It’s March, the winds of change are blowing and Spring is coming.

Is your life representative of the upcoming season or are you still in Winter?

What if: Attitude + Energy = Choice. Let’s make a hypothesis: A+E = C

How would you describe your Attitude? Does it feel like a sloth in slow motion? Or is it

like a curious cat, interested in anything that moves?

How is your Energy? Is it like a banana slug slowly traversing the forest floor? Or does it

feel more like a flower ready, waiting and hoping to blossom?

If A+E does equal C, then the Choices we make do depend on how much energy we

have and more importantly, A, our Attitude and how we think.

So, this month, let’s take a look at how our A is impacting our E, and particularly our C.

Are we reaching out or are we choosing to remain in winter? If so, what is stopping us?

My hope is for all of us to find a way to choose Spring.


Rochelle Perucca, a Fulbright Scholar, psychotherapist, a college professor for the past 35 years, and a National Park Ranger (language interpreter), has been a linkAges Community member since 2015. She has seen the many benefits of being part of a larger community and we welcome her contributions and insights to the linkAges newsletter.


Technology Tip:



Did you know that linkAges has a Resource Library to assist with frequently asked questions? The Resource Library offers information on how to post your first listing, how to find and create events, and how to complete/record an exchange. Please refer this to useful tool to learn how to utilize the linkAges website.

Find the Resource Library on the left-hand side of the website.

linkAges Partner Spotlight: Mountain View Public Library

Every month, we’ll be spotlighting different linkAges partners and the wonderful contributions they’ve made to our community.

This month, discover how we’re working with Ellen Thayn, Adult and Virtual Services Librarian and Karin Mente, Adult and Virtual Services Librarian from the Adult Services Department at the Mountain View Public Library to bring technology access to more older adults in Mountain View!



Tell us a little bit about your organization. 

The Library’s mission is to be the information center for our diverse community providing a dynamic place to share resources and ideas, to find joy in reading, and to experience the power of lifelong learning.

The Adult Services department at the Mountain View Public Library specifically provides community programming and resources.  Librarians plan and present events for the community. Librarians also evaluate and purchase physical and digital resources for the library’s collection. We strive to have a collection of free materials that meet all our community’s needs.

How did you first learn about linkAges?

We first heard about linkAges when City Hall hosted a linkAges SkillShare event last September.  It sounded like such a brilliant and simple idea that we were immediate fans.  So many people who visit the library either have something in mind that they want to learn, or they have an idea that they want to share with the community, so to the Library and linkAges are the perfect match!

How have linkAges members connected with your organization?

linkAges members volunteered for a technology tutoring night at our library. During the event, linkAges volunteers paired with Library customers to demonstrate and teach basic computer skills.  Everyone who attended the event praised the volunteers on their helpfulness.  The Library looks forward to partnering with linkAges for similar events in the future.

What is one thing you love about working in your community?

Being engaged with the community is the best part of being a librarian at the Mountain View Public Library. Every day we work with members of the community to fulfill their information needs, whether that is gathering resources for starting their own business, locating a historic photo of Moffett Field, or even finding a way to de-stress and relax with a book (or at our coloring programs!) We truly believe in lifelong learning and we love being the place where the community can both learn and share in knowledge.

A new way to engage with your community

Here at linkAges, we’re always looking for opportunities to create meaningful connections. From meeting a group of members at a local coffee shop to play a new board game or learning how to make kefir smoothies at one of our TimeBank Tales, linkAges members can look forward to new ways to engage with their community.

Starting this month, we are excited to announce the launch of our new yearlong engagement campaign!

What you can look forward to:

  • Quarterly themes that will be announced in our monthly newsletter. We hope these broad themes will inspire linkAges members to try new things, meet new people and, of course, give back to our community through acts of kindness.
  • Monthly sub-topics that correspond to that quarter’s themes. For example, during the quarterly theme of “Meet Someone New,” we’ll be encouraging linkAges members and partners to do cross-city exchanges and cross-cultural events in order to build intergenerational connections.
  • Exchanging with new and old members around popular linkAges topics like technology, gardening and pet care.
  • One large community event per quarter hosted by your linkAges team.

How you can get involved:

  • Post Offers or Requests on the linkAges website related to the theme.
  • Attend an event or workshop hosted by a linkAges member or partner related to the theme.
  • Share your linkAges stories here on our blog.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of next month’s subtopic and activities!



linkAges Partner Spotlight: Town of Los Altos Hills

For the second year in a row, we partnered with the Town of Los Altos Hills, Parks and Recreation Department to put on a successful Technology for Seniors event!

You’ve checked out the event photos on Facebook – now , learn more about our partnership from Sarah Gualtieri, Community Services Supervisor.

Tell us a little bit about your organization.

We are dedicated to serving the Town of Los Altos Hills.

How did you first learn about linkAges?

I learned about linkAges through the Los Altos/Los Altos Hills Senior Commission. We partnered a few years ago for a joint venture for Technology Training for Seniors. This event was successful and I am proud to say that the program continues to run today.

How have linkAges members connected with your organization/department?

I work directly with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Community Outreach Department. They have been extremely professional and reliable. I always look forward to partnering with their team.

What in one thing you love about working in your community?

The community I serve is so passionate. Every day I look forward to making a positive impact through community events and programming.

tech for seniors blog pic
Emily, a Los Altos Hills Youth Volunteer, helps a community member learn how to use her tablet.

linkAges Launches in Santa Cruz

We’re delighted to announce the expansion of linkAges, our neighborhood service-exchange network, into Santa Cruz! The linkAges team has been busy meeting with local community organizations, city officials and community members to spread the word about linkAges and adapt the program to the city’s unique culture. We’ve been inspired by the Santa Cruz community’s positive response to the program and look forward to helping create meaningful social connections across the city.

Santa Cruz Tech Day participantsWe kicked off linkAges member recruitment at our Tech Day for Older Adults event at Live Oak Senior Center on December 5, 2015. More than 30 seniors attended the event, met new people and received helpful tips for using their tech devices. Attendees surprised our team by bringing snacks for everyone to munch on throughout the day. We were thrilled to be welcomed so warmly.

One attendee, Cindy, learned how to use Skype so she can chat withcindy getting help with skype her friends in France. Others learned how to get the most out of their iPads and smartphones from tech-savvy volunteers like Elaine, a history professor at University of California, Santa Cruz. Local community members, linkAges members, and linkAges staff volunteered to teach technology skills, and many friendships formed between the older adults and volunteers.

Since Tech Day, we have also hosted several linkAges orientations at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History to introduce local community members to the benefits of linkAges and help them sign up.

Thank you to the Live Oak Senior Center and Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History for their generous support and donation of space.

Upcoming linkAges Events

We’ll be hosting more exciting events in Santa Cruz in the upcoming months. If you or someone you know in Santa Cruz would like to join linkAges, go to http://www.linkages.org, click “Sign Up” in the top right corner and use the code sccommunity. Check out our Facebook page for news about upcoming events.