Brainstorming Offers and Requests

2014 has officially gotten under way. Can you believe it is March already?! Well, now that you have settled in to all the new changes at work and adapted your New Year’s resolutions into your daily schedules, now it’s time to get the stuff done that you want to check off your list! I put together a short list of offers and requests that may help inspire you to get cracking on that buried to-do list.

• That stack of photographs won’t put themselves into a photoalbum! Offer to help organize someone’s photos, or maybe you are the one with the box of photographs sitting in your closet and you could use some help.
• Spring is coming and you’ve always been envious of your neighbor’s green and lush yard. Find someone to connect with on the TimeBank who can give you some tips for how to start a garden.
• What comes after spring cleaning… garage sales! Get together with a group of TimeBank members to host a garage sale. It’s a two-in-one: meet new friends and get rid of all the clutter you have accumulated.
• Winter weather can be tough on clothes. So, find someone to help you stitch up the holes in your clothes or the hems of your pants, or post the offer if that is your skill.
• You got an iPad or tablet for a gift this holiday season, but it’s still in the box because you haven’t had time to figure out how to use it. Good news! A tech-savvy person on the TimeBank can likely help you out!
• Taxes are due in a month! Eeek! Offer or request help in filing that pesky paperwork that comes around every year.
• Or…just find a friend, a walking buddy, someone to exchange book recommendations or recipes with, someone who can speak your native language with or learn a new one. The TimeBank has so many members with individual passions and interests that they would love to share with others.

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Nothing is too simple or too complicated! Whether you need it or want it, it’s there on the TimeBank.
Hopefully this has been helpful in stimulating your brain to think of fun offers and requests. Remember, anything goes! What are some of your suggestions for offers and requests?

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