A Birthday Reflection

First birthday parties are usually defined by “smash cakes,” babies babbling, and cooing parents. But not the linkAges TimeBank’s 1st birthday party!

Last week, 17 linkAges TimeBank members gathered at Red Rock Coffee in downtown Mountain View to celebrate the one year anniversary of the TimeBank. The official birthday of the TimeBank is April 15th, Tax Day, a date that is difficult to forget.

2014-04-08 17.22.02

The evening started with members sharing how they became involved with the TimeBank. The attendees were a diverse group; everyone from a young man who was one of our first TimeBank members a year prior to an older woman who had just joined the TimeBank that week! There was a happy hum in the room as folks enjoyed mingling and chatting with each other.

2014-04-08 17.20.51

What is a party without games and prizes?! Not a party of course. So, we divided into groups of 3-4 and scrounged around in our purses, wallets and pockets to be the first team to collect the most of the items listed. Some of the items included a tape measure, linkAges membership card, and borrowed keys. It was a great way to get to know each other and to find out little quirks about our teammates. The winning team compiled 16 out of 21 items, and walked away with movie tickets and gift cards to Red Rock!

2014-04-08 17.20.44

Next, the birthday party goers went on a scavenger hunt walk around Castro Street. It was a great opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy the nice weather.

2014-04-08 18.12.22

One member who attended the birthday party was incredibly shy and previously hadn’t used the TimeBank much because she only connected with people via phone. However, at the birthday party, she was able to find a walking buddy who lived in the same city as her! She left the event excited with the prospect of a new friend, and thanked us for making the connection for her.

Although there were no smash cakes or cute babies, this birthday party was definitely a success! TimeBank members gathered to eat delicious mini-cupcakes, play a game, take a walk, and most importantly make new friends!

We look forward to many more years of TimeBanking and creating relationships with you all!

Thank you for a wonderful year!

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