New design, new features, better community.

As you may have already noticed, the linkAges TimeBank website recently got a new “look” based on input from TimeBank members and community partners. We hope that the improved website will make your TimeBanking experience easier and more enjoyable.

Here is an overview of the new features:

1. Overall design improvements, including a lighter color scheme, larger buttons and bigger font


New home page
New home page


2. An easier registration process, which now consists of creating a username and password, and completing a background check. Members will be asked to complete an optional evaluation survey for 2 additional TimeBank hours after becoming a member.


3. All service listings have a default expiration date of 3 months, helping service listings stay fresh and current. You can still extend the expiration date or republish the offer or request. You will receive a reminder email one week before your listing expires in case you want to republish it.


3 month default expiration date


4. Republished service listings will now move to the top of the Service Listings page.


5. ‘City’ added to listing page, which means you can more easily determine the best location to complete the exchange.


6. ‘Last login date’ added to ‘Offers’ and ‘Requests’ pages so you can see how recently the service listing’s author accessed his or her account.

last login


7. Service listing categories now have default pictures, eliminating the need to search for a photo that best describes your Offer or Request.

default category photo

We’re constantly looking for ways to better serve our TimeBank members, so expect more exciting developments in the coming months.

As always, we welcome your comments. Feel free to contact us at or call 650-934-3556.

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