Meet the Advocates



By Miki Rai

Being a linkAges Advocate and PAMF intern has given me the incredible opportunity to meet people in all walks of life, who have background knowledge in areas that cannot easily be determined just by judging their superficial appearance. One of the reasons I enjoy working as an Advocate so much is because I feel that this internship has given me the capacity to gain so much more than I can give. Everything around me, the people, the activities, and everything else, are all part of a learning experience that I cannot achieve through any other means. I am fascinated by the fact that each intern holds a unique set of attributes that makes them outstanding at what they do. Maybe you’ve gotten a chance to read the Advocates’ blurbs on the website, but if you’re looking to REALLY get to know the interns, this post is for you!

Nhi – The calm, mysterious one

During the times that I have worked with Nhi, I have to say that whether it be driving to a new location or trying a new method of interacting with seniors, she is always ready for whatever is approaching us. Even in the most nerve-racking situations, she manages to stand her ground. I threw mysterious in there as well, because no one really knows how she is able to appear so graceful in everything that she carries out. It almost seems too surreal. Nhi also seems to have a steady equilibrium in her life — in addition to applying to medical schools, she somehow manages her time well enough for weekly Friday hangouts.

Bob – The expressive, knowledgeable one

Unlike the rest of us who are all following public health/medical school routes, Bob is a computer science/math genius. Whenever I have any questions regarding product suggestions or technological challenges, Bob is my go-to guy. In the case that he doesn’t know the answer, he will still set you on the right track and tell you where to look for the answers. Also, if you say something he may not completely agree with, his signature move is the slight head tilt, eyes looking up at the ceiling and palms up, contemplating.

Kasie – The curious innovator

One thing I really admire about Kasie is her ability to always actively think and ask questions. In all contexts, she is constantly taking notes in attempts to further her knowledge. Over the past few weeks, I can see that she has already integrated what we have learned in the trainings, workshops, and personal experiences to help make the most out of each interaction. If something doesn’t go as well as it could, she implements a change the next time a similar situation arises. As a side note… she is also gluten-free by choice, which is pretty incredible if you ask me.

(FYI,  the above three are all rising seniors at Stanford!)

Mihiri – The personable friend

Mihiri is the Advocate that is closest in age to me. I still remember the first week I met her. For some reason, I immediately felt like we had so much in common. She has this incredible way of making you feel comfortable around her, like you could share almost anything with her. Mihiri listens to what you have to say, and from that, thinks about how she can reply with something that cultivates a steady flow of conversation. It is her ability to stimulate conversation that allows people to open up to her. Of all the Advocates, she is the most focused on the public health piece.




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