Dog Owners and Furry Friends Make New Connections

Dogs can help you make new friends. That was the idea behind “Pups in the Park,” the most recent linkAges TimeBank event where dog owners brought their four-legged companions to Mitchell Park in Palo Alto and dog enthusiasts came out to share the fun. Doggie treats were in abundance and there were many wagging tails.

“Pups in the Park” on Feb. 24 was one of the monthly TimeBank Tales events that bring together TimeBank members and guests from the community to share stories, laugh, learn and have fun. With the generous help of community partners, these diverse events help promote neighborly connections and shared interests. Previous TimeBank Tales events have included yoga, Tai Chi and South Asian Bhangra dance classes, a Thanksgiving feast and a caroling event.

group pups

A variety of dog breeds and sizes – spaniels, dachshunds, Chihuahuas and many mixes, large and small – instantly bonded with one another. The human participants enjoyed the pleasure of the animal-human interaction and getting to know each other.

“Dogs are great conversation catalysts and wonderful community-builders,” says John Williams, who attended the event and is a Marketing and Communications specialist at PAMF’s David Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation that created the linkAges TimeBank program. “They are intermediaries to good conversation and provide a common interest for people who might not otherwise connect.”

dom pup

The dogs romped, played and barked with delight. The humans smiled. After enjoying some light refreshments, the group headed over to the doggy exercise area of the park where the dogs were unleashed – literally. The bonding process continued, with new dogs to meet and greet. Many more barks of delight.

Find more “Pups in the Park” event photos on the linkAges TimeBank Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Dog Owners and Furry Friends Make New Connections

  1. You are absolutely right. Our first time dog – Pedro – has introduced us to many new friends, something I wasn’t expecting when we got him. He’s like a social butterfly, meeting his pals for walks, play dates and afternoon tea!

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