linkAges Partner Spotlight: Mountain View Public Library

Every month, we’ll be spotlighting different linkAges partners and the wonderful contributions they’ve made to our community.

This month, discover how we’re working with Ellen Thayn, Adult and Virtual Services Librarian and Karin Mente, Adult and Virtual Services Librarian from the Adult Services Department at the Mountain View Public Library to bring technology access to more older adults in Mountain View!



Tell us a little bit about your organization. 

The Library’s mission is to be the information center for our diverse community providing a dynamic place to share resources and ideas, to find joy in reading, and to experience the power of lifelong learning.

The Adult Services department at the Mountain View Public Library specifically provides community programming and resources.  Librarians plan and present events for the community. Librarians also evaluate and purchase physical and digital resources for the library’s collection. We strive to have a collection of free materials that meet all our community’s needs.

How did you first learn about linkAges?

We first heard about linkAges when City Hall hosted a linkAges SkillShare event last September.  It sounded like such a brilliant and simple idea that we were immediate fans.  So many people who visit the library either have something in mind that they want to learn, or they have an idea that they want to share with the community, so to the Library and linkAges are the perfect match!

How have linkAges members connected with your organization?

linkAges members volunteered for a technology tutoring night at our library. During the event, linkAges volunteers paired with Library customers to demonstrate and teach basic computer skills.  Everyone who attended the event praised the volunteers on their helpfulness.  The Library looks forward to partnering with linkAges for similar events in the future.

What is one thing you love about working in your community?

Being engaged with the community is the best part of being a librarian at the Mountain View Public Library. Every day we work with members of the community to fulfill their information needs, whether that is gathering resources for starting their own business, locating a historic photo of Moffett Field, or even finding a way to de-stress and relax with a book (or at our coloring programs!) We truly believe in lifelong learning and we love being the place where the community can both learn and share in knowledge.

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