August 2018 – Transportation Month

We hope linkAges members are enjoying the warm days and nights of summer. For the month of August, the linkAges theme is transportation. Please remember linkAges Community is a great resource to connect with each other for transportation needs. Read what members are saying about their recent transportation exchanges.

  • She “felt secure, safe and in good hands when relying on my new linkAges friend who drove me to and from the airport.”
  • Another expressed her experience as “much more comfortable with the linkages driver than with any cab driver I’ve ever had.  It was a very pleasant way to begin a journey.”

We couldn’t have said it any better!

Happy senior couple in the car.

Partner Spotlight: Village Santa Cruz


Village Santa Cruz is a non-profit, grassroots membership organization.  They are a network of Santa Cruz city and county residents with a vision of aging and focus on empowering, growing and learning. Village Santa Cruz’s goal is to develop a vibrant and caring community, encourage neighbors of all ages to help each other, and continue to be engaged in their community, through all the transitions of aging. To learn more about Village Santa Cruz, please click here.

Insights on Isolation By Rochelle Perucca

Change is constant. As we age, our bodies often become steady reminders that we are changing. We may begin to notice more fatigue, aches, pains, loss of vision, hearing, or muscle tone. We also become more aware of our vulnerability. We may begin to pull in and become defined by our limitations. It may feel scary to show up and be seen.

I know that our need for social connection is triggered from the same primal alarm bells as hunger, thirst, and physical pain. “Oh no,” I say, “When we isolate, are we depriving ourselves of basic needs? What can I do?” Vulnerability is scary. Can I accept my own limitations? Am I willing to show up and be seen just as I am? Will I be able to trust and be vulnerable enough to feel that others will love me with my humanness?

Brene Brown, research professor affirms: “Yes, I am vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that I am brave and worthy of love and belonging.” Can you find that place within you that feels this is true? Might you ask yourself the question: “What if I dare show up as I am? How might my life be different?”


rochelle  Rochelle Perucca, a Fulbright Scholar, psychotherapist, a college professor for the past 35 years, and a National Park Ranger (language interpreter), has been a linkAges Community member since 2015. She has seen the many benefits of being part of a larger community and we welcome her contributions and insights to the linkAges newsletter.


Technology Tip:

Ever wonder what the number is next to the bell on the dashboard?

That number indicates you have some notifications. Have a high number of notifications on the dashboard? If so, there is an easy way to clear your notifications without having to read all of them. To remove the notifications, click on the bell or the number next to it. A prompt will appear and members will only need to click on “Mark all as read” (circled in red) to clear the notifications.


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