October 2018 – National Animal Safety and Protection Month

October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month; a month dedicated to promoting the safe practices of handling and caring for both domestic and wild animals. Animals play an important part in our everyday lives, even if we don’t personally have pets. So it’s vital to make sure that they are treated kindly and with the respect and care they deserve.  There are several ways you can participate in National Animal Safety and Protection Month.

  • Ensure pets are micro-chipped so if they are ever lost, they can be easily found and returned; collars with identification tags are also just as important.
  • Pet proof your home against the possibility of your animals coming in contact with any dangerous poisons or toxins.
  • Put together a disaster escape plan in case you ever need to evacuate your pets quickly from the home.

If you need assistance with your pets, we encourage members to post a request on linkAges Community.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the linkAges Members who made our Fall Potluck a success! It was decorated with such an amazing selection of food to share with one another. We hope that you had a great time, had a chance to reconnect and make some new friends.

linkAges October Partner Spotlight:

We want to extend a big thank you to Dragon Theatre of Redwood City for their long-time involvement as a linkAges partner. Their creative collaboration with linkAges allows our members to serve as hospitality volunteers, while also supporting the unique and thoughtful plays performed at the theater. This month the Dragon Theatre is showcasing Madeline George’s, “The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence” until Oct. 7th. We encourage you to invite a linkAges member and connect over a night filled with drama and excitement!

Insights on Isolation By Rochelle Perucca

Hafiz, the fourteenth century Persian poet often wrote about love in an attempt to address what impedes us from living a more fulfilled life.

He wrote…
The heart is a thousand stringed instrument that can only be tuned with love.

Is he telling us (you) here that (y)our love is enough to tune (y)our own heart? If so, this is a big request. When we feel confined or stuck in loneliness, can we lovingly be with ourselves?

In another poem he writes: Be kind to your sleeping heart. Take it out into the vast fields of light… And let it breathe. 

Is he inviting us to breathe into our own hearts just what they need? Can we throw off the restrictions, the conditioning and let our hearts have the space and love they need? Can we be real with ourselves and others about this  need?

Again he writes: How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its own being. Otherwise we all remain too frightened.

Fear can grip us in a way that steals our freedom, limits our actions, and
shuts down our heart. Can we be with our frightened heart and bring
compassion and soothing comfort to the tenderness of our being? Can we
embrace ourselves in a way Hafiz would have understood and encouraged?


rochelle  Rochelle Perucca, a Fulbright Scholar, psychotherapist, a college professor for the past 35 years, and a National Park Ranger (language interpreter), has been a linkAges Community member since 2015. She has seen the many benefits of being part of a larger community and we welcome her contributions and insights to the linkAges newsletter.


Technology Tip:

Did you know that linkAges has a Resource Library to assist with frequently asked questions? The Resource Library offers information on how to post your first listing, how to find and create events, and how to complete/record an exchange. Please refer this to useful tool to learn how to utilize the linkAges website.  Find the Resource Library on the left-hand side of the website.


Next Member Event.. Coming Soon!

We just want to say thank you again for all those who attended last weekend’s Fall Potluck.

Be sure to keep an eye on the “Events” page as we are in the process of planning our next linkAges Member event. More information and details to follow. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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