November 2018 – Neighborly Help Month

Fall is officially here! Celebrate the season of thanksgiving by exchanging neighborly help with linkAges members. Many people today, particularly those who have grown up with Facebook and Twitter, have amassed relationships with people around the globe. But at the end of the day, how many are real friends?  And how can you support them? There are many opportunities to support each other, including running a neighborly errand, sharing a home-cooked meal, and making a friendly phone call. Post a related Offer/Request or join the Neighborly Errands group to get involved.

Inspiration of the Month


linkAges November Partner Spotlight:


For over 100 years, YWCA Silicon Valley has been at the forefront of the most critical social movements – from civil rights, to affordable housing and pay equity, to violence prevention. YWCA Silicon Valley is one door to many solutions for those who have been impacted by violence. Last year we opened our doors over 20,000 times to provide critical services to our clients’ needs including shelter, housing, counseling, child care, and education and prevention programming.  If you would like to learn more about YWCA Silicon Valley, click here.

Insights on Isolation by Rochelle Perucca

My heart goes out to everyone who has to deal with pain, isolation or chronic illness. This deeply affects our relationships. When we try to explain our situation to others, we often get a blank stare. They can’t possibly understand what its like to have lost the life we once knew. I would like to share a theory with you that helps me explain my life to others. It is called The Spoon Theory.

The theory goes like this: when we wake up in the morning, we are given a certain number of spoons for that day. Some days we may be given 10 spoons, others only 2 or 3. Each daily task, like taking a shower, getting dressed, costs us one spoon. So we have to pay close attention and carefully choose how we spend our limited and fragile energy spoons.

We want our friends to understand our predicament. If we run out of spoons, we crash. It may take a day or more to recover. Even if we want more spoons, they aren’t available. Yes it’s frustrating; yes it creates emotions; yes, unfortunately this is the reality of our life at this time.

A few thoughts… Slow down. Don’t try to do so much. Save an extra spoon, just in case. Remember, you give a piece of yourself with every task or activity, even spending time chatting. Please take care of your precious self by using your spoons consciously and wisely.


rochelle Rochelle Perucca, a Fulbright Scholar, psychotherapist, a college professor for the past 35 years, and a National Park Ranger (language interpreter), has been a linkAges Community member since 2015. She has seen the many benefits of being part of a larger community and we welcome her contributions and insights to the linkAges newsletter.

Next Member Event.. Coming Soon!

Following the success of our Fall Potluck last month, we are pleased to announce we’re planning another linkAges event very soon.

Be sure to keep an eye on the “Events” page as more information and details will follow. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Technology Tip:

Did you know that linkAges has a Resource Library to assist with frequently asked questions? The Resource Library offers information on how to post your first listing, how to find and create events, and how to complete/record an exchange. Please refer this to useful tool to learn how to utilize the linkAges website.  Find the Resource Library on the left-hand side of the website.



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