January 2019 – National Hobby Month

Happy New Year from linkAges! January is National Hobby Month and what better way to bring in the new year than sharing or learning a skill. We encourage you pick up a new hobby that might interest you or share an old hobby with a new friend on the linkAges site. 

Here are some fun hobbies you can share or post on linkAges:

  • Share a recipe or cook a meal and connect with another linkAges Member.
  • Get active and take a walk or hike with a linkAges Member in your community.
  • Teach a linkAges Member how to play your favorite (board) game. Invite a group to play for extra fun!

Our members have so many unique and fun hobbies that we know would be a delight to participate in together – gardening, knitting, board games, planner making, and so much more! Please browse through linkAges for any listings that might inspire you. Let’s start 2019 off right!

Inspiration of the Month



We want to thank everyone who attended Help-Full/linkAges’ Holiday Member Mingle last month! We enjoyed seeing members chat and laugh throughout the afternoon. It was a wonderful time reflecting on the past year and more importantly, making meaningful connections. We hope to see you at more Help-Full/ linkAges events in the future! 

linkAges January Partner Spotlight:



We want to extend a big thank you to Dragon Theatre of Redwood City for their long-time involvement as a linkAges partner. Their creative collaboration with linkAges allows our members to serve as hospitality volunteers, while also supporting the unique and thoughtful plays performed at the theater. This month the Dragon Theatre is showcasing Lauren Gunderson’s, “The Revolutionists” January 18th – February 10th. We encourage you to invite a linkAges member and connect over a night filled with drama and excitement!

Insights on Isolation by Rochelle Perucca

How do you begin your day? How often can you start with love and attention to yourself, not news or technology? I realize there are many things calling for your attention. How do you choose? Do you feel you have a choice?

Pondering the above, brought me to ask the question, “What Do I Love?” My spontaneous answer was: nature, writing, stillness, creativity, peace, play, and beauty in a variety of forms – art, music, dance, and architecture. I then asked others. Their replies were interesting. Everyone mentioned something outside of themselves, as did I. No one acknowledged that love of self was one of their thoughts.

After decades of individual counseling I found the one thing that deeply heals is: knowing how to love ourselves unconditionally. This requires a deep appreciation for who we are. Can we care as much about ourselves as we do for others?

I’m still hard at work on this. I often ask myself… How can I set boundaries and keep an open heart so I am safe yet free? I remain motivated because I know that love is like a solvent that soothes and nurtures the nooks and crannies as well as the essence of my being.

When I am in touch with love, I am vulnerable, yet I have more room to be myself, to breathe, speak, and act kindly with others. I hope that each morning, you remember to nurture and protect the significant things you love, including yourself.


rochelleRochelle Perucca, a Fulbright Scholar, psychotherapist, a college professor for the past 35 years, and a National Park Ranger (language interpreter), has been a linkAges Community member since 2015. She has seen the many benefits of being part of a larger community and we welcome her contributions and insights to the linkAges newsletter.


Technology Tip:

Ever wonder what the number is next to the bell on the dashboard?

That number indicates you have some notifications. Have a high number of notifications on the dashboard? If so, there is an easy way to clear your notifications without having to read all of them. To remove the notifications, click on the bell or the number next to it. A prompt will appear and members will only need to click on “Mark all as read” (circled in red) to clear the notifications.


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