A New Look for linkAges TimeBank

We are excited to announce the release of a newly redesigned website for the linkAges TimeBank.

You will notice the simple design, easier to navigate menus, and more member options to personalize your linkAges experience. At just a glance, you can now view new members, events and groups, and hours in your account. The site is also available on multiple devices, giving you an improved user experience whether you access it from your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

1. Welcome_New Homepage

Three things you’ll love about the new linkAges TimeBank website:

  • Registration – New members can register using a seamless registration process with shorter steps and just a few clicks.
  • Profile Builder – A step-by-step profile builder allows you to easily add information about yourself to share with other members and start making new member connections.
  • Groups – Connect with other members around interests, hobbies and needs through public and private groups, and support local non-profit organizations in your city.

There are many more features to this new rollout. We invite you to take some time and check out the new site.

New design, new features, better community.

As you may have already noticed, the linkAges TimeBank website recently got a new “look” based on input from TimeBank members and community partners. We hope that the improved website will make your TimeBanking experience easier and more enjoyable.

Here is an overview of the new features:

1. Overall design improvements, including a lighter color scheme, larger buttons and bigger font


New home page
New home page


2. An easier registration process, which now consists of creating a username and password, and completing a background check. Members will be asked to complete an optional evaluation survey for 2 additional TimeBank hours after becoming a member.


3. All service listings have a default expiration date of 3 months, helping service listings stay fresh and current. You can still extend the expiration date or republish the offer or request. You will receive a reminder email one week before your listing expires in case you want to republish it.


3 month default expiration date


4. Republished service listings will now move to the top of the Service Listings page.


5. ‘City’ added to listing page, which means you can more easily determine the best location to complete the exchange.


6. ‘Last login date’ added to ‘Offers’ and ‘Requests’ pages so you can see how recently the service listing’s author accessed his or her account.

last login


7. Service listing categories now have default pictures, eliminating the need to search for a photo that best describes your Offer or Request.

default category photo

We’re constantly looking for ways to better serve our TimeBank members, so expect more exciting developments in the coming months.

As always, we welcome your comments. Feel free to contact us at linkagestimebank@gmail.com or call 650-934-3556.

New Features: Email alerts and private groups

Hello TimeBank Members, veterans and newbies!

We have some new TimeBank improvements to share with you! We’re excited about them, and hope that these enhancements help you to exchange more easily!

Want to stay updated on the latest offers and requests? Starting today, April 16th, as a current TimeBank member, you’ll automatically receive a daily digest of new offers and requests, when they are posted, straight to your email inbox.

You can also choose to receive a notification as soon as a listing is posted, a weekly digest that comes every Sunday, or no notification at all. Just go to your “My Account” page, scroll down on the grey left-hand panel to “Edit my profile and preferences”, and then navigate to the “Email preferences” tab.



You may also notice changes to the TimeBank groups feature. We’ve started partnering with local community organizations to offer timebanking to their members, and they’ll be using Private Groups to do so. How will this affect you?

Public Groups: Public groups will continue to work as you know them today. Anyone can start or join a public group. Want to start a book club? Create a public group! See a public wine-tasting group that interests you? Feel free to sign yourself up!

Private Groups: Private groups require permission to join. If you see a private group that you’re interested in joining, you may request membership from the group’s admin. If they confirm that you’re a member of that organization, they will approve your membership. Private group members will not be able to see your profile, service listings and event postings. Similarly, you will not be able to see theirs.

We’re always working to improve your timebanking experience, so look for more enhancements coming your way, including a live feed that will show you the activity that’s going on in the TimeBank in real time! If you have any questions, please contact us. We’ll also update the user guide in the TimeBank library to provide more info on these changes!

New features on the linkAges TimeBank!

Hi TimeBankers,

Greetings from the linkAges Development Team!  Thanks to all who’ve provided feedback on your experience with the linkAges TimeBank website.   We heard you and we’ve been hard at work on fixes and new features. As of Thursday, January 23rd, 2014, we’ll be rolling out several updates.  If at first the site looks funny, like it’s from the late 90’s, please clear your browser cache and cookies. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see:

  •  Centralized messaging:  We agree, messaging other TimeBank members was confusing and frustrating.  It was hard to find the message you were looking for, and tiring for your fingers—so many mouse clicks!  Now all messages, whether a personal message or related to a service listing, have been consolidated into a traditional email inbox view.  Just click on the “Messages” tab in the navigation bar to view all of your TimeBank messages. From there, you can compose, respond to, and delete messages, as well as navigate to the related service listing directly. You can also search and sort your messages for that quick find!

Message bar

  •  Unread notifications: On the “What’s New” page and in the navigation bar, you’ll see notifications of any unread group or individual messages. When you click on a notification, it will take you to the page where you can access the unread message(s).

 What's New message notice

  •  Simplified profile: Your profile page is now streamlined! The “My Account” page will now contain just your current offers and requests, your groups, and your hours and activity. You’ll also be able to look back at your past offers and requests.  Because we’ve consolidated messaging, you will no longer need to hunt around your “My Account” page—just go straight to the Messages tab.

Profile update

  • Publish and unpublish service listings: When you create your service listing, it is published to other TimeBank members on the “Service Listings” page. Now you can also unpublish a current service listing: just click on “See all my offers” or “See all my requests” from the “My Account” page, and then select “Unpublish this listing.”  If you decide you’d like to make that offer or request available again, all you have to do is edit the “Publish” status of the listing.

Unpublish listing

Unpublished listing

  • Service Listings: You’ve always been able to filter service listings by Category and by City.  But now when you view the dropdown options for each, you’ll only see categories and cities that have current service listings associated with them, and it will also show how many services listings there are.

We hope these new features will enhance your TimeBank experience.  Look for more features to roll out over the coming months!  As always, we welcome your feedback. Thanks for being such an important part of building our community!

–    The linkAges TimeBank Development Team