linkAges TimeBank celebrates launch in City of Palo Alto

On June 18, approximately twenty-five linkAges TimeBank members and local residents came together at Bol Park to celebrate the launch of linkAges TimeBank in Palo Alto. In addition to a festive summer picnic, fun and games, guests enjoyed visits by stuffed donkey and city goodwill ambassador Palo Alto Perry, and the real Barron Park Donkeys, Pericles (Perry) and Niner.


This event was a great opportunity for Palo Alto residents to meet current TimeBank members and learn more about the linkAges TimeBank, while enjoying the great weather and beautiful location.

Since its city launch in March, more than 75 people in Palo Alto have signed up for the TimeBank, either independently or through organization partners, such as Beth Am, Palo Alto YMCA, and the City of Palo Alto Utilities Department and Zero Waste Departments. Local TimeBank members shared their experiences with guests and made new social connections by playing a get-to-know you bingo game and posing for photos with our donkey friends.

We are planning launch parties for all of the new communities in which we deploy the TimeBank. It’s our way of welcoming new members and showing appreciation for the residents of the diverse cities which make up the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Be sure to check the linkAges TimeBank website, Facebook and Twitter pages for updates about launch parties in your area.

You can find more photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Connecting Across the Game Board – an Interview with a Successful TimeBank Member

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ruby Heng, who has had great success using the linkAges TimeBank to create a network of friends who enjoy playing board games. She particularly loves board games that are sometimes referred to as Euro-style or designer games and are a combination of random luck and skill, which gives everyone a fighting chance. Ruby calls them “Brain Exercise.”

Ruby’s game collection


Crossing the US on “Ticket to Ride”

To find others who share her passion for board games, Ruby placed her “BrainExercise” offer on the linkAges TimeBank website. Ruby’s offer was accepted by fellow TimeBank members Nikita and Mary, who were interested in learning and playing the games. Neither had played these types of games before, so it was a great learning experience for all. The trio meets at the Sunnyvale Senior Center and local cafés. The simple requirements for a fun session are a variety of games, a large table and willing participants.  Ruby has also offered a service exchange for playing games with linkAges TimeBank Community Outreach Coordinator, Vivian Nguyen, and Program Intern, Dominic Boccaccio. Continue reading

TimeBank Tales: Summer Highlights

By Vivian Nguyen, Community Outreach Coordinator

Summer 2014 was a busy season for the linkAges TimeBank – we launched our Advocates program for college interns, redesigned the TimeBank website, and grew to over 250 members ranging in age from 18 to 92. Together, we’ve completed almost 600 hours of exchanges!

Many TimeBank members meet fellow members (and potential Exchange partners) during “TimeBank Tales,” a free community event that we host every month. TimeBank Tales is a great opportunity to learn new skills, connect with others in the TimeBank community and, most importantly, have fun!

In case you missed any events, here’s a recap of our summer TimeBank Tales:

June 2014: Breathe in, breathe out

IMG_1750We started off the season with a yoga and meditation session led by William Cristobal, one of our business partners and founder of Yoga Belly. Members learned various poses and breathing techniques designed to enhance mental clarity and improve spine and muscle alignment.

July 2014: Learn Bhangra!

In July, our very own TimeBank member, Nikita Maheshwari, led a workshop on Indian folk dance, tbtales-bhangra-facing-dancersalso known as “Bhangra.” Members got to move and shake to basic dance moves seen in popular Indian films. Nikita also offers private Bhangra lessons as a service listing on the TimeBank!

August 2014: TimeBank Trivia Night

2014-04-08 17.20.56 HDRThings got heated during our TimeBank Trivia Night as 4 teams tested their general knowledge and battled it out for prizes. The first, second and third place teams were only separated by a point at the end of 8 rounds! The winners took home gift cards from our newest business partner, Sunnyvale Art Gallery & Café.