Fall Harvest Party

In the latest in a series of TimeBank Tales events, we recently hosted a Fall Harvest Party at the Red Morton Community Center in Redwood City. With the generous donation of this space from Redwood City Parks and Recreation, this event was intended not to only bring TimeBankers together, but also to celebrate our launch of the TimeBank service exchange program in the Redwood City community earlier this year. linkAges members, staff and volunteers all came together to enjoy an afternoon of seasonal food, crafts, games and fun in a festive atmosphere.

finger paintingTimeBank members Kent, Pauline and Wendy volunteered their time to demonstrate some of the arts and crafts they commonly offer as service exchanges to other members through linkAges.

Kent led participants through finger-painting and bottle art craft activities. It was quite striking to see the vibrant multicolored work people were able to create with their fingers– no brushes required! They say that there is a kid in all of us and this was apparent as members joyfully explored the tactile qualities of paint.

wendy pie demoWendy enthralled everyone with pie-making demonstrations, working the pastry expertly into perfectly- formed crusts and adding delicious fillings. Members absorbed every instruction, presumably anticipating opportunities to put the techniques to use in the upcoming holiday season.


flower demoPauline, a retired floral designer of 30 years, captivated the attention of several would-be-florists by assembling easy-to-make flower arrangements in mugs. You could see the delight as members created professional-looking arrangements quickly and with limited materials.

Under the watchful eye of game master and linkAges staffer, Dominic, guests tried their hand at ring-tossing and pumpkin-bowling. Under Dominic’s tutelage, members honed their hand-to-eye coordination to Olympic standards. Well, to TimeBank Tales standards at least.

Members contributed a lavish array of seasonal treats that included turkey, pies, salads, dips, cakes, vegetarian options and more. Few times of the year can match the fall for eating well, and eat well we did! There is also something to be said about eating a meal together. One of the earliest linkAges members, Clea Holdridge, captured this perfectly in our What Members are Saying video, “You cook a good meal and it’s fine…but if you share with it with somebody, it’s another feeling altogether.”

Want to get a glimpse of the fun? See the short Fall Harvest Party video here.

The TimeBank Tales program was created to promote community spirit, and to bring members together to enjoy activities and share stories about service exchanges and life in general. We try to select a variety of events that appeal to the program’s diverse membership. In the past we have featured Yoga, Bhangra Dance, Tai Chi and Pilates to name a few. For a list of upcoming linkAges events, please visit our website at https://timebank.linkages.org.

linkAges TimeBank celebrates launch in City of Palo Alto

On June 18, approximately twenty-five linkAges TimeBank members and local residents came together at Bol Park to celebrate the launch of linkAges TimeBank in Palo Alto. In addition to a festive summer picnic, fun and games, guests enjoyed visits by stuffed donkey and city goodwill ambassador Palo Alto Perry, and the real Barron Park Donkeys, Pericles (Perry) and Niner.


This event was a great opportunity for Palo Alto residents to meet current TimeBank members and learn more about the linkAges TimeBank, while enjoying the great weather and beautiful location.

Since its city launch in March, more than 75 people in Palo Alto have signed up for the TimeBank, either independently or through organization partners, such as Beth Am, Palo Alto YMCA, and the City of Palo Alto Utilities Department and Zero Waste Departments. Local TimeBank members shared their experiences with guests and made new social connections by playing a get-to-know you bingo game and posing for photos with our donkey friends.

We are planning launch parties for all of the new communities in which we deploy the TimeBank. It’s our way of welcoming new members and showing appreciation for the residents of the diverse cities which make up the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Be sure to check the linkAges TimeBank website, Facebook and Twitter pages for updates about launch parties in your area.

You can find more photos from the event on our Facebook page.

TimeBank Tales: Let the Games Begin!

Members during an intense game of Scotland Yard.
Members during an intense game of Scotland Yard.

For our March TimeBank Tales event, we recently hosted a board game night at Sunnyvale Art Gallery & Cafe.

TimeBank members engaged in some friendly competition as they faced off against each other in various board games. From timeless classics like Clue, Scrabble and Racko to more obscure favorites like Hey, That’s My Fish! and Scotland Yard, there was something for everyone.

pick a card

Throughout the evening, members formed connections as they bonded over their favorite board games and taught each other how to play. It was a friendly and positive group, encouraging each other along the way.

The inspiration for this particular TimeBank Tales came from TimeBank member Ruby, who has shared her love of “Euro-Style” board games with others in her community through the linkAges TimeBank.

Games have become a popular exchange with many of the linkAges TimeBank members. For Ruby and others, these board games serve as “brain exercise.”  It’s a great way to develop new connections, relieve some stress, stimulate the brain, and engage with other members who are looking for some company – all great for your health and well being!

For more event photos, check out our Facebook page.

A great ending to a good game.

TimeBank Tales reflect the monthly events where TimeBank members and guests from the community come together to share stories, laugh, learn and have fun. With the generous help of community partners, these diverse events help promote neighborly connections and shared interests.



Connecting Across the Game Board – an Interview with a Successful TimeBank Member

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ruby Heng, who has had great success using the linkAges TimeBank to create a network of friends who enjoy playing board games. She particularly loves board games that are sometimes referred to as Euro-style or designer games and are a combination of random luck and skill, which gives everyone a fighting chance. Ruby calls them “Brain Exercise.”

Ruby’s game collection


Crossing the US on “Ticket to Ride”

To find others who share her passion for board games, Ruby placed her “BrainExercise” offer on the linkAges TimeBank website. Ruby’s offer was accepted by fellow TimeBank members Nikita and Mary, who were interested in learning and playing the games. Neither had played these types of games before, so it was a great learning experience for all. The trio meets at the Sunnyvale Senior Center and local cafés. The simple requirements for a fun session are a variety of games, a large table and willing participants.  Ruby has also offered a service exchange for playing games with linkAges TimeBank Community Outreach Coordinator, Vivian Nguyen, and Program Intern, Dominic Boccaccio. Continue reading