Linking Together for a Greener Tomorrow

One of the most rewarding aspects of timebanking is the opportunity to share your skills with others in your community. From recipe swapping to sharing gardening techniques, linkAges TimeBank members are constantly finding ways to learn from each other through their exchanges.

Now, there’s a new way to learn from your neighbors in Palo Alto. The City of Palo Alto has partnered with the linkAges TimeBank to recruit “Ambassadors” for home utility efficiency and zero waste practices. Trained Ambassadors will be matched up with Palo Alto residents interested in reducing waste and becoming more energy and water efficient. Palo Alto residents can join the linkAges TimeBank to receive energy efficiency and water efficiency services…for free!


The goal of the Ambassador Program is to help Palo Alto become a more eco-friendly city while creating intergenerational connections to build a strong social support network for our community – another way in which community can use the linkAges TimeBank to bring people together.

The City of Palo Alto Utilities and Zero Waste departments will provide Ambassadors with all the necessary materials and training. Ambassadors will be able to provide some or all of the following services listed below and earn TimeBank hours for doing it!


Energy & Water Efficiency Services

  • In-home energy and water efficiency education
  • Installation of:
    • Weather-stripping
    • LED light bulbs
    • Hose nozzles
    • Water-efficient faucet aerators
    • Low-flow shower heads
  • Toilet leak detection

Zero Waste Services

  • In-home Zero Waste education on topics like recycling, reusing, household hazardous waste, and Palo Alto’s new Food Scraps Composting Collection Program
  • Removes names from junk mail lists
  • Helps residents prepare for their Clean Up Day appointment
  • Assists with creation of less-toxic household cleaners
  • Assists with food waste reduction

Ambassador trainings are ongoing, and you do not have to be a Palo Alto resident to become an Ambassador. If you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email to learn more and register for an upcoming training.

If you are not yet a member, get started by signing up for a linkAges TimeBank orientation session at

Engaging locals businesses with linkAges

The linkAges TimeBank could not be what it is without our amazing community partners. They help us organize events, host orientations, and get the word out to more individual community members. Recently, we successfully launched the program Meet and Move with one of our partners, El Camino Hospital, to encourage caregivers to walk together, getting exercise and creating friendships. Over the past year we have engaged with over 20 community organizations in partnership.

Now we have individuals and community nonprofits participating in the linkAges TimeBank. We are going even further this year to engage businesses! We want the linkAges TimeBank to be as community driven as possible, and for that to happen we want to include all sectors! We are carefully selecting business in the community that are mission aligned with linkAges, and together we will aim to improve the health and wellness of our community.

We have several business partners already, and business partnership can several different forms! Red Rock Coffee, on Castro Street in Mountain View, was our first business partner and has been instrumental in helping us shape our business partner model. They offer 2 for 1 coffee discounts to linkAges TimeBank members as well providing us space for monthly orientation sessions. Yoga Belly, a yoga studio in Mountain View is an outreach and education business partner of the linkAges TimeBank. They provide information about linkAges to their client population and inform the TimeBank community about meditation and wellness. Additionally, Morocco’s Restaurant is a partner, offering 20% discounts on dinner to linkAges TimeBank members.

Our newest business partner is Hobee’s Restaurant in Palo Alto and Sunnyvale.  Did you just start salivating thinking about that warm, delicious coffee cake? Mine sure did! Hobee’s is being incredibly generous in providing us with coupons for dinner discounts to incentivize linkAges membership! How sweet is that (pun intended haha!)?!

These are just a few examples of how local businesses have started to engage with the linkAges TimeBank. To learn more about our businesses and how they support the TimeBank please visit:

So…let’s put those TimeBank memberships to good use! Coffee on Tuesday anyone? How about a dinner date at Morocco’s? See you there!